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        Prek/K, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, & 7th/8th

Our program provides small group instruction of no more than 10 students per group. All classes will be instructed by a teacher through the use of Zoom. A class ID will be provided after registration and payment. Monthly payments are due by the 3rd of each month. Automatic ACH withdraws will be processed by AzulEd. 


                  Math                                        English Language Arts

EngageNY Math curriculum for Math              Reading Street K-5th

Everyday Math for 4th & 5th grades               Journeys 2nd-5th

Big Ideas Math for 6th, 7th, & 8th                  Reading Wonders 2nd-5th

                                                                   HMH Collections 6th-8th

Each Subject and Grade group have their own instructor. We work on direct instruction of concepts and individualized instruction to the students as needed.  


A commitment from parents for the Full Semester, August 31, 2020-December 2020.

Dates                                                        Times                           Subjects                    

                            AM Session 

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays       9:00 am-10:00 am            ELA. (Reading, Comprehension)

                                                              10:00 am-11:00 am          Math

                                                              11:00 am-11:30 am          Science



Tuesdays & Thursdays                         9:00 am-10:00 am             Writing 

                                                              10:00 am-11:00 am           Social Studies

                                                              11:00 am- 11:30 am          Spanish 


                             PM Session

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays        2:00 pm-3:00 pm                Math                          

                                                               3:00 pm-4:00 pm                ELA (Reading/Comprehension) 

                                                               4:00 pm-4:30 pm                French (Basic)           

Tuesdays & Thursdays                          2:00 pm-3:00 pm                Science/Social Studies                    

                                                               3:00 pm-4:00 pm                Writing                       

                                                               4:00 pm-4:30 pm                Spanish  (Basic)  



Mondays & Wednesdays                        4:00 pm-5:00 pm                  Music  2x week 2 hrs= $30

Tuesdays & Thursdays.                          4:00 pm-5:00 pm                  Art      2x week 2 hrs= $30

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